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Savvas the New of Kalymnos

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[[Image:Saint Savvas- Icon from his church.jpg|frame|right|Icon at the Entrance of his church in Kalymnos]]
[[Image:St-Savas-the-New-icon.jpg|frame|right|First ever icon of Saint Savvas]]
Our venerable and God-bearing father Saint '''Savvas the Newof Kalymnos''' (also spelled known as Saint '''Savvasthe New'' or ''Savas'') is the [[patron saint]] of the Greek island of Kalymnos (Calymna), where he lived during the last twenty years of his life as the [[priest]] and spiritual father of the [[nun]]s of the Convent of All Saints. He was a great [[ascetic]], [[confessor]], [[iconographer]], and [[wonder-worker|miracle-worker]]. He is one of the recently recognized [[saint]]s in the Greek Orthodox Church.
He died on [[April 7]], 1948 1947 and his remains were exhumed in 1957 and "miracles happen for those who venerate these in faith". In Kalymnos, he is commemorated by the church [[April 7]]. The feasts dates of St. ''Savvas the New of Kalymnos'' are celebrated on various dates in different traditions, [[April 7]] ([[March 25]] in the [[Old Calendar]]), [[December 5]] with St. [[Savvas Sabbas the Sanctified|Sava Sabbas the Sanctified]], and the fifth Sunday of [[Great Lent]] with St. [[Mary of Egypt]].
Saint Sava Savvas was born in 1862 in Herakleitsa, Eastern Thrace to Constantine and Smaragda, very poor and he was there their only son. When he was [[baptize]]d he was given the name Vasilios.
From a young age he had a calling for the holy [[monastic]] life and secretely left for [[Mount Athos]] at the age of twelve where he entered [[St. Anne's Skete (Athos)|St. Anne's Skete]]. Along with the usual monastic duties, this is where he learned [[iconography]] and [[Byzantine chant|Byzantine music]].
There, he spent the last years of his life as the priest and spiritual father at the ''Convent of All Saints''. As a [[confessor]], he combined leniency with severity. He was lenient on certain sins and severe to others. He remained an ardent spiritual striver until the end of life and practiced extreme forms of self-restraint with regard to food, drink, and sleep. St. Savvas became a shining example of virtue to all who came into contact with him. Many smelled a heavenly fragrance in his presence and some even saw him rising above the ground as he stood at prayer.
Towards the end of his life, St. Savvas was in a state of intense prayer and holy contrition. For three days he did not receive anyone and he gave his last counsels: requested love and obedience in Christ. When he was on the point of death taking his last breath, suddenly he received strength, brought his blessed small hands together, and clapped them repeatedly saying his last holy words: "The Lord! The Lord! The Lord!" He went to the Lord in 1948 1947 on the eve of the [[feast]] of the [[Annunciation]]. One nun saw the soul of the saint ascending in a golden cloud towards heaven. After about 10 years when the saint's grave was opened in accordance to the Greek Orthodox custom, a heavenly fragrance emanated from the grave which covered the whole island of Kalymnos, this phenomenon was witnessed by many, including the local [[bishop]]. This was a testament to the sanctity of the saint. Numerous [[miracle]]s and healings have since been attributed to St. Savvas the New of Kalymnos.
== Icons of the Saints life Life ==
Image:St Nectarios- Kimisi-close-up.jpg|Saint Savvas was the only clergyman to officiate at Saint Nectarios' funeral.
Image:St_Savvas_of_Kalymnos-with_Icon6X4.jpg|Icon of the Saint holding the first icon of Saint Nectarios.
Image:Saint Savvas- miracle in church.jpg|On many occasions Saint Savvas while liturgising was witnessed levtitating with a sacrificial Christ on the altar table.
Image:Saint Savvas -teaching Nuns.jpg|Saint Savvas was also a great teacher of Orthodoxy. Teaching theology, iconography and Byzantine chant.
Image:Saint Savvas Miracle at sea.jpg|Saint Savvas has saved many storm stricken vessels at sea, with only the mention of his name.
Image:Saint Savvas miracle for Bishop.jpg|Here Saint Savvas cures monk Panteliemon Lambadarios (currently a bishop in Alexandria) of cancer, he's a well know healer of cancer.
Image:Saint Savvas kimisi-2.jpg|The repose of Saint Savvas of Kalymnos on 7th April 1948 1947 (Annunciation 25th March OC)Image:SAINT_SAVVAS_MIRACLE.JPG|X-ray of healed tumour by Saint Savvas of Kalymnos.</gallery></small>
== Photographs of Saint's Monastery == <small><gallery>Image:Saint Savvas Church-Mountain.jpg|Monastery of All Saints.Image:Saint Savvas- church.jpg|Church of Saint Savvas of KalymnosImage:Church entrance.jpg|Entry to churchImage:Saint Savvas Larnaca.jpg|Larnaca of Saint Savvas of KalymnosImage:Saint Savvas-Close-up.jpg|Close-up of saints relicsImage:Saint Savvas-tomb.jpg|Original burial place of St SavvasImage:Saint Savvas-entry to cell.jpg|Entry to Saints cellImage:Saint Savvas-room.jpg|Inside the Saints cellImage:Saint Savvas personal belongings.jpg|Some personal belongingsImage:Saint Savvas walking stick.jpg|Saints Walking stick</gallery></small>== Video Slideshow ==
== Notes ==
*''Modern Orthodox Saints'', Vol. 8. "[ St. Savvas the New]" by Dr. Constantine Cavarnos, Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies ISBN 0914744631
*Photographs & Icons courtesy of Fr Savas Pizanias and Con Constantine Vellis KOGARAH DIGITAL Cutie-Pie Photography - NSW Australia contact -
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