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== History of the Compilation ==
The ''Philokalia''—Greek for "love of the beautiful/holy/exalted"—was first assembled at [[Mount Athos]] by Ss. [[Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain]] and [[Macarius Notaras of Corinth|Makarios of Corinth]]. The first edition was published at Venice in 1782; a second was done at Athens in 1893, which included a prayer by Patriarch Kallistos; and a third at Athens between 1957 and 1963 by the Astir Publishing Company. All the original writings in the ''Philokalia'' were written in Greek with the exception of two, which were originally in Latin but then translated in Greek during the time of the Roman ("Byzantine") Empire.
Soon the ''Philokalia'' was translated into multiple languages. In 1793, a [[Church Slavonic|Slavonic]] translation done by St. [[Paisius VelichovskyVelichkovsky|Paisii Velichkovskii]] (1722-1794), was published at Moscow under the title ''Dobrotolubiye'', and later reprinted in 1822. This would be the version carried by the unnamed central character in ''[[The Way of a Pilgrim]]'' and was responsible for a spiritual revival in 19th century Russia, impacting a lot of her people, including [[Fyodor Dostoevsky]]. A second translation was published in 1857 and was done by St. [[Ignatius Brianchaninov|Ignatii Brianchaninov]] (1807-1867). A third one was done by St. [[Theophan the Recluse]] (1815-1894), but he included other texts not in the Greek original as well as paraphrases or omissions of other sections. This translation was published in five volumes under the auspicies of the Russian [[St. Panteleimon's Monastery (Athos)|Monastery of St. Panteleimon]] at [[Mount Athos]] in 1877. A Romanian translation first appeared in 1946 with Fr. [[Dumitru Staniloae]] presiding as editor (the fifth volume appeared in 1976 and it's expected to be eight volumes). A French translation is currently in the works. Both of these use the Greek.{{spirituality}}
== Contents of the Philokalia ==
This listing of texts is based on the English translation, started by Bishop [[Kallistos Ware]], G.E.H. Palmer and [[Philip Sherrard]] and published by Faber and Faber Ltd. The fifth volume has yet to be published. While there is no definite date set, it is predicted by the publisher to be made available sometime late in 20052006. This translation uses the third edition published by the Astir Publishing Company.
=== Volume 1 ===
#Two Hundred Texts on Theology and the Incarnate Dispensation of the Son of God (written for Thalassios)
#Various Texts on Theology, the Divine Economy, and Virtue and Vice
#On the [[Lord's Prayer]]
*[[Thalassios the Libyan]]
#On Love, Self Control, and Life in accordance with the Intellect (written for Paul the Presbyter)
Also, this work is not meant to be read all at once. It should be approached like a Merck's Medical Journal: look up the things that are relevant for whatever moment you as a reader need it. The English translations make it easier to use it in this way. For an example, if you are wondering about what patience is about, simply look at the index. If the page numbers are in bold, then it is a significant passage of text addressing that issue; otherwise it may appear as either one sentence or a small part of a larger context.
== References Editions in English ==*G. E. H. Palmer, Philip Sherrard, Kallistos Ware, ''The Philokalia: The Complete Text'' (Faber & Faber). Vol. 1 (1983) (ISBN 8-0571130139); Vol. 2 (1982) (ISBN 978-0571154661 ); Vol. 3 (1986) (ISBN 978-0571175253); Vol. 4 (1999) (ISBN 978-0571193820)*Allyne Smith,''The Philokalia: The Eastern Christian Spiritual Texts -- Selections Annotated and Explained'' (SkyLight Paths, 2006) ISBN 1594731039
== Studies == *Brock Bingaman and Bradley Nassif, ''The English translation Philokalia: Text of the Orthodox Spirituality'' (Oxford, 2012). (ISBN 978-0195390278)*Anthony Coniaris, ''Philokalia: The Bible of Orhodox Spirituality'' (Light & Life, 1998) (ISBN 978-1880971383 )*Christopher C. H. Cook, ''The Philokaliaand the Innder Life: On Passions and Prayer''(Pickwick Publications, particularly Volume 1 2012). (ISBN 057111377X978-1620325209)
Greatly indebted to Fr== External Links ==* [http://orthodoxchurchquotes. Alexander Webster com/tag/quotes-from-the-philokalia/ Quotes from the Philokalia] at Protection of the Holy Mother of God Orthodox Church, Falls Church, VAQuotes
== References ==
*Fr. Alexander Webster, parish priest of the Protection of the Holy Mother of God Orthodox Church, Falls Church, VA
* [ On Union With God and Life of Theoria] - By Kallistos Katafygiotis (identified with Kallistos Angelikoudis) - a translation in progress of a part of the Philokalia

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