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Chrysostomos (Papadopoulos) of Carthage

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His Eminence, the Most Reverend '''Chrysostomos (Papadopoulos) of Carthage''' was [[Metropolitan]] of the [[Archdiocese of Carthage]], part of the Greek Orthodox [[Church of Alexandria|Patriarchate of Alexandria]] and All Africa. He died in a helicopter accident in the Aegean Sea in 2004along with Pope [[Petros VII (Papapetrou) of Alexandria]].
His Eminence Chrysostomos was born in Dafia, [[Metropolis of Mytiline|Lesbos]], Greece. He studied at and graduated from the Theological Faculty of the University of Athens and attended the Orthodox Institute in Paris, France.
He was [[ordination|ordained]] [[deacon]] in 1957 and [[priest]] during 1959. He was raised to the rank of [[archimandrite]]. He served in the Metropolis of Serres and as Exarch of the Church of Alexandria in the Soviet Union.
In 1976, Fr. Chrysostomos was elected [[Bishop]] of Nikopolis, succeeding Metr. [[Irenaeus (Talambekos) of Pilousion|Irenaeus]]. He served also as editor of the journal ''Pantainos'' and managed the publication work of the Alexandria Patriarchate. Bp. Chrysostomos was elected Archbishop of Zimbabwe in 1990. In 1997, he was appointed Archbishop and Metropolitan of Carthage, with added duties of representing Patriarch [[Petros VII (Papapetrou) of Alexandria|Petros VII]] in Athens. Abp. Chrysostomos reposed as the result of a helicopter crash in the Aegean Sea on [[September 11]], 2004.
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