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Holy Synod of Milan

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In Europe:
Metropolitan EVLOGHIOS of Milan, First Hierarch
Archbishop LUCA of Torcello
Archbishop ONUPHRIUS of Bergamo (Titular; the Archbishop is the Representative to Eastern Europe for the Synod)
Bishop ABBONDIO of Como
Bishop PABLO of Italica, bishop for Spain and Portugal
Bishop BORIS of Germany
In America:
Archbishop HILARION of Austin
Archbishop JOHN of New York and New Jersey
Bishop PAVLOS of Maspeth
==External links==
* | Official Website of the Autonomous Orthodox Church of Milan (Holy Synod of Milan) (Italian, with Some English and Spanish)* [ | Official Website of the Archdiocese of New York and Eastern America, Milan Synod]* [ | New Milan Synod Website for American Parishes] (English) * [ | News from the Milan Synod maintained by Bp Abbondio of Como]
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