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Theotokos of Pochayiv

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The '''Theotokos of Pochayiv''' is a Ukranian Ukrainian orthodox [[icon]] of the [[Theotokos|Virgin Mary]], painted in a late Byzantine style, of the [[Panagia Eleousa|Eleousa]] iconographic type. Like many famous icons, it is now usually displayed with most of the surface except the faces covered by an elaborate frame in precious metals, or ''riza''.
It has been in the '[[Pochaev Lavra of the Dormition of the Theotokos|''Pochayiv Lavra''' (monastery)]], in Ternopil oblast, Ukraine, since 1597, when it was given by a wealthy widow Anna or Hanna Hoyska, who owned the town of Pochayiv in second half of XVI century. Earlier the sacred image was given to Anna by a Greek metropolitan Neophyte. <ref>[ Russian Orthodox Portal, in Russian]</ref>
According to some sources, the Virgin Mary depicted on the icon helped to heal the brother of Hanna Hoyska Philip from blindness. Later the Theotokos of Pochayiv acquired a reputation as a miracle-working icon. The day of Theotokos of Pochayiv icon is marked by the church on [[August 5]].
== See also ==
* [[Pochaev Lavra of the Dormition of the Theotokos|the ''Pochayiv Lavra'', Ukraine]]

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