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Spyridon of Trimythous

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==Persecutions and witness to Orthodox Faith==
During the Maximilian persecutions (295 AD) he was arrested and exiled. In 325 AD, he was present at the [[First Ecumenical Council]] of [[Nicea]] where he astonished many with his simple explanations of the [[Orthodox Church|Orthodox]] Faith. Though not well-educated, he surprised everyone at the Council of Nicaea Nicea by converting a famous philosopher to Orthodoxy from [[Arianism]]. He explained the unity and diversity of the Trinity by holding up a brick, then commonly thought to be a combination of the elements fire, earth and water; as he spoke, fire blazed from the top of the brick while water gushed out underneath. There too, at Nicea, he met St. [[Nicholas of Myra]], with whom he formed a lasting friendship.
Through simplicity and deep devotion to God, he worked miracles throughout his life and became known as a great [[wonder-worker]], calling forth rain in the midst of drought, casting out demons with a single word, healing the sick and even raising people from the dead, in addition to having the gift of prescience.
When he arrived back home from Nicaea Nicea a woman told him that she had given his daughter, who had died while he was away, some jewelry for safekeeping. Now that his daughter was dead, no one could find where she had put them. Spyridon went to his daughter's grave, spoke to her, and was able to restore the jewelry to its owner.
Also during a famine Spyridon changed a snake into gold pieces so that a poor man could buy food from a greedy merchant who had cornered the supply.

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