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Apostolic Council of Jerusalem

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The '''Apostolic Council of Jerusalem''' was the first [[council]] in the Church’s history and is described in the [[Acts of the Apostles]]. It took place around the year 50 in Jerusalem.
The council was attended by the [[Apostles]] to decide how far Gentile converts should be subject to the Law of [[Moses]]. The Council of Jerusalem was an exceptional gathering of leaders of the entire Church for which there was no parallel until the [[First Ecumenical Council]] at Nicaea[[Nicea]], in 325.
At the Council, after everyone listened quietly as [[Apostle Barnabas|Barnabas]] and [[Apostle Paul|Paul]] tell about the miraculous signs and wonders God had done through them among the Gentiles, and advice offered by the [[Apostle Peter]] (Acts 15:7–11), [[Apostle James the Just|James]], the leader of the [[Church of Jerusalem|Jerusalem Church]], gave his decision (later known as the "Apostolic Decree"):

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