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Theophanes the Confessor

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[[Image:theophanesnicea.jpg|right|thumb|150px|St. Theophanes the Confessor]]
Our father among the saints '''Theophanes the Confessor''' (also called '''Theophanes the Branded''') was Bishop of [[NicaeaNicea]]. He was the younger brother of the St. [[Theodore the Branded]] ([[December 27]]), and is also known for being a hymnographer. His [[feast day]] is celebrated on [[October 11]].
The holy brothers were famed as advocates of [[icon]] veneration. They boldly fulfilled the mission entrusted them by the [[Patriarch of Jerusalem]] and went to Constantinople to denounce the [[iconoclast]] emperor [[Leo V the Armenian|Leo the Armenian]] (813-820). Afterwards, they also denounced the iconoclast emperors Michael Balbos (820-829) and Theophilus (829-842).
The saints had to endure imprisonment, hunger, even torture. The emperor Theophilus gave orders to inscribe a phrase insulting to the glorious [[confessor]]s upon their faces with red-hot needles. Therefore, they are called "Branded." "Write whatever you wish, but at the [[Last Judgment]] you shall read your own writing," said the agonized brothers to the emperor. They sent Theodore to prison, where also he died (+ 833), but Theophanes was sent into exile. With the restoration of icon veneration, St. Theophanes was returned from exile and consecrated Bishop of NicaeaNicea. The saint wrote about 150 [[canon (hymn)|canons]], among which is a beautiful canon in defense of holy icons. He died peacefully around the year 850.
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