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Spyridon of Trimythous

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==Persecutions and witness to Orthodox Faith==
During the Maximilian persecutions (295 AD) he was arrested and exiled. In 325 AD, he was present at the [[First Ecumenical Council]] of [[NicaeaNicea]] where he astonished many with his simple explanations of the [[Orthodox Church|Orthodox]] Faith. Though not well-educated, he surprised everyone at the Council of Nicaea by converting a famous philosopher to Orthodoxy from [[Arianism]]. He explained the unity and diversity of the Trinity by holding up a brick, then commonly thought to be a combination of the elements fire, earth and water; as he spoke, fire blazed from the top of the brick while water gushed out underneath. There too, at NicaeaNicea, he met St. [[Nicholas of Myra]], with whom he formed a lasting friendship.

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