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Holy Land

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The expression '''''Holy Land''''' refers to the geographical region along the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea where Christianity and other monotheistic religions arose. This area in modern geography encompasses largely the country of Israel and the western portion of the Kingdom of Jordan.
While the expression ''Holy Land '' is not specifically mentioned in the [[Old Testament]], the concept of holiness is raised throughout the [[Scripture]] in the promises of God and the theme of a holy land for the people of God. The concept continues with the consideration of the city of [[Jerusalem]], and its surrogate [[Zion]], as the core of this holiness. For the Jewish nation the sense of holiness continued with the Temple as the center of Jewish religious observance and worship.
For Christians, this Holy Land is the region where the [[Savior]], [[Jesus Christ]], made His his appearance to man as the [[Messiah]], conducted His his ministry teaching the kingdom of God, His his [[transfiguration]], and ultimately sacrificing Himself himself to save us from our sins, then [[resurrection|rising from the dead ]] on the third day as He he [[prophecy|prophesied]].  ==See also==*[[Church of Jerusalem]]*[[Holy Fire]]
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