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Panagia Prousiotissa

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Additional information of the icon's placement in North Carolina
The Holy Icon '''Panagia of Prousiotissa''' according to tradition was painted by the hand of St. [[Apostle Luke|Luke the Evangelist]]. Since the year 829, this Holy Icon of the Theotokos has been kept in a church that still stands in the city of Proussa, now the Turkish city of Brusa, which is near present day Istanbul. Many miracles have taken place before this icon in the Church.
The only known accurate replica of this [[miracle working]] icon had resided at the Monastery of Prousos in Greece. In late June 2008 the replica was transported by [[clergy]] of the monastery and of the [[Metropolis]] of Karpenisi to the United States and placed permanently at the Monastery of Panagia Prousiotissa in Troy, North Carolina.
A number of monasteries have been dedicated to this icon including:

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