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St. Petroc Monastery (Cascades, Tasmania)

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name=Saint Petroc Monastery|
jurisdiction=[[Diocese of Australia and New Zealand (ROCOR)|ROCOR ANZ]]TOC-R|
type=Semi-Eremitic Male Monastery|
superior=Hieromonk Fr [[Michael (Mansbridge-Wood)|Michael]]|
hq=Cascades, Tasmania, Australia''unknown''|
music=[[Western Rite]], Sarum|
Saint '''Petroc Monastery is ''' was a semi-eremitic [[monasticism|monastic]] community for men in the [[Diocese of Australia and New Zealand (ROCOR)|Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia]] located in Cascades, Tasmania. The current [[superior ]] is Hieromonk Fr. [[Michael (Mansbridge-Wood)|Michael]], and follows the Sarum practise of the [[Western Rite]]. The Monastery consists of two affiliated houses: Saint Petroc House, with a small chapel, at Cascades; and Holyrood House, with a small chapel, at Avondale.
Saint Petroc Monastery was founded in 1992 as an Anglo-Catholic monastery. In 1995 it turned to Orthodoxy and, under instruction, was placed under the direction of Patriarch [[Ignatius IV (Hazim) of Antioch|Ignatius IV of Antioch]]. In 1997, the monastery was received into [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia|ROCOR]], under the [[omophorion ]] of Archbishop [[Hilarion (Kapral) of Sydney|Hilarion of Sydney]], [[Diocese of Australia and New Zealand (ROCOR)|Australia and New Zealand]], with the mandate to not only continue using the Sarum practise of the [[Western Rite]], but to do so with the explicit intent of attracting people of Anglo-Celtic ancestry to Orthodoxy through this rite. Fr Michael and Fr [[Barry Jefferies]], a married priest associated with Fr Michael, were baptised and ordained by Abp Hilarion to this end[]. The Monastery also received permission to create attached monastery missions and parishes[[parish]]es. In 1998, the monastery began one of these attached missions in Launceston, named for St . Stephen.  In the same year2001, Fr . Michael becomes a [[chaplain]] at the University of Tasmania; though this service concludes after the University of Tasmania sells their faith centre.
In 2003, the Saint Colman Prayer Book, compiled by the monastery, is authorised for use in ROCOR. In June of the next year, the Monastery calls a meeting of Western Rite clergy in Australia and New Zealand - which included the priests attached to the monastery and two [[Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia, New Zealand, and All Oceania|Antiochian]] clergy - to discuss the future of Western Rite in Australasia.
<!-- ==Timeline==On [[November 19]], 2010, Hieromonk Michael is made the Assistant to the Metropolitan for Western Rite communities in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, while Dom [[James (Deschene)]] was made the Assistant to the Metropolitan for Western Rite communities in the United States of America and Canada.*200x - information -->On [[May 23]], 2011, Hieromonk Michael is suspended by Metropolitan Hilarion for public defamation of brother [[clergy]]. This was lifted around late June, with Hmk Michael restricted simply to caring for his flock in Tasmania.
==External Links==*On [http://www[February 13]], 2013, Hieromonk Michael is suspended and retired by Metropolitan [[Hilarion (Kapral) of New York|Hilarion]] due to canonical violations, neglect (through absence) of St Dyfan's parish in Hobart, and "bringing disrepute to the Orthodox witness of the Western Rite movement" through his online interactions. On the 31st of March, he announced that "[o]n the 15th of March, [he] was notified in writing of [his] reception by his eminence [sic], Metropolitan Daniel of the Metropolitanate of Moscow (TOC-R).orthodoxresurgenceThis was followed by the necessary decrees.coThe decrees stated that [he is] a Hieromonk of Metropolitan Daniel's diocese, resident in the United Kingdom".uk/ This reception means the departure of Hieromonk Michael and St Petroc/ Monastery homepage]from the Church.
It is notable to mention that St Dyfan's, the Western Rite community in Hobart, chose to remain in ROCOR under the care of Fr [[Barry Jeffries]].
{{AustralianMonasteries}}==External Links==*[ 'A site of St Petroc Monastery']*[ Saint Petroc Monastery, Hobart, Tasmania. A ROCOR missionary initiative.]*[ FrMichael Hieromonk Facebook page]
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