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*St. George/St. Chr.
== World Heritage Classification, UNESCO ==
*Date of Inscription - 1989
*Reference No. 511
*Criteria: (ii), (iii) and (iv)
::''Mystras, the 'wonder of the Morea', was built as an amphitheatre around the fortress erected in 1249 by the prince of Achaia, William of Villehardouin. Reconquered by the Byzantines, then occupied by the Turks and the Venetians, the city was abandoned in 1832, leaving only the breathtaking medieval ruins, standing in a beautiful landscape.''<ref> United Nations - Copyright © 1992-2008 UNESCO World Heritage Centre </ref>
**1989, [ "Advisory Body Evaluation"]
**1989, [ Decision "Report of the 13th Session of the Committee"]
**2006, [ Periodic Reporting "(Cycle 1) Section II Summary"]
**2007, [ Decision "31COM 8B.5"]
== References ==
==External links==
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