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Andrew the Fool-for-Christ

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The "Revelations of Andrew"
Blessed Andrew died in the year 936 at the age of 66.
== The "Revelations of Andrew" document <small> Naming of document to be confirmed. </small> ==During the Byzantine era, a number of writings appeared predicting the [[Apocalypse]] to be marked by the fall of Constantinople. While they were repeated in the 14th and 15th centuries, their origins most likely in the 10th, while the Eastern Roman Empire was still strong. Constantinople's destruction is described along these lines in the ''Life of Andrew the Fool''. One of his disciples claims that [[Hagia Sophia (Constantinople)|Hagia Sophia]] would survive a great flood by "floating over waters," but St. Andrew explains instead that only the column (the obelisk) would survive because beneath its foundations are the [[Holy Nails]] which were used to crucify [[Jesus Christ]]. In this work, Andrew is depicted as predicting that the world's end would fall shortly after Constantinople's fall. {{cite}}

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