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Various Iconographers - for a future article
Following is a list of "iconographers" (as I remember them) that can be used to develop an article (when more information is available):
* Theophanes the Greek - "Theotokos of the Don", 14th Century
* Nikita Pavlovets - Theotokos in the Enclosed Garden, 17th Cenutry
* Radul of Serbia - Ss. Kosmas and Damianos, 1673
* Nicholas Ritzos (15th Cenutry)
* Ioannis Kornaros, Cretan iconographer who painted the portable icon of “Megas i Kirie” (''Lord, Thou Art Great'') of 1770 at Moni Toplou (West of Siteia, Lasithi of Crete).
* Frangos Katelanos (sp?) - Christ the Pantocrator, 1548 (Balkans)
* Andrei Rublev - Christ the Redeemer, 1409 (Russian)
* Simon Ushakov - Christ 'Not Painted by Human Hands', 1657 (Russian)

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