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Alexis (Kabaliuk) of Carpathia

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WITH LOVE FROM EBAUMS WITH LOVE FROM EBAUMS WITH LOVE FROM EBAUMS WITH LOVE FROM EBAUMS WITH LOVE FROM EBAUMS WITH LOVE FROM EBAUMSOur venerable and God-bearing Father '''Alexis Kabaliuk''', [[Apostle]] of Carpatho-Russia ([[August 30]], 1877 &ndash; [[December 2]], 1947), was a leader of the Carpathian Orthodox in the early 20th century. His [[feast day]]s are celebrated on [[October 21]] and December 2. There is an [[akathist]] written for him. Alexander Ivanovich Kabaliuk was born into a Greek Catholic ([[Uniate]]) family but [[convert]]ed to Orthodoxy as a young man. He became an [[archimandrite]] and played a major role in reviving Orthodoxy in Transcarpathia in the early 20th century, and his [[missionary]] activities were persecuted by the Austrian-Hungarian authorities, who suspected Orthodox believers of pro-Russian sympathies. On the eve of World War I, Kabalyuk was sentenced to jail, and following his release he was one of the leaders of the Carpathian Orthodox until his death in 1947. He is considered an Orthodox hero and was [[glorification|glorified]] in 2001 by the [[Church of Ukraine]] ([[Moscow Patriarchate]]) as the first Subcarpathian Russian Orthodox saint.<ref>[ Ukraine: Conflict between Orthodoxy and Greek Catholicism], ''Ria Novosti'', 30/06/2005.</ref>  His [[relics]] are at the St. Nicolas [[monastery]] in the village of Iza in the Ukraine.<ref>Notes from [ Uzhgorod, Ukraine-2000: International seminar of orthodox youth: "The Main Commandment—To Love"] by Taras Andrusevych</ref> ==Sources==<references /> ==External links==*[ Carpatho-Russia And The Struggle For The Russian Orthodox Tradition Outside Russia], including a detailed life and icon*[ Akathist to the Holy Confessor Alexis of Carpatho-Russia]*[ A Troparion to St Alexis, Apostle of Carpathian Rus. Tone II]*[ New Fruits of the Spirit: Two Saints and an Icon] by Dr. Alexander Roman*[ Kabaliuk, Aleksei]*[ Carpatho-Russian Religion]*[ A Twentieth Century Western Orthodox Missionary] by Monk Gorazd*[ The Orthodox Church in Subcarpathian Russia] by Fr. Savva Struve [[Category:Monastics]][[Category:Priests]][[Category:Saints]][[Category:Carpatho Russian Saints]]

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