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Byzantine Choir David the Psalmist

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LOL INTERNET{{orthodoxyinaustralasiasmall}}The '''Byzantine Choir David the Psalmist''' is the choir of the Second Archdiocesan District of Victoria and Tasmania, [[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia]]. They meet at the Axion Esti [[parish]], Northcote. ==History==Originally, a social group of young [[chanter]]s was brought together by their shared love of [[Byzantine]] hymnology. However, increasing participants and a developing commitment to [[Byzantine chant]], its tradition, maintenance and promotion led the group to form a choir in 2003, with [[David|David the Psalmist]] as its patron. Since its inauguration, the choir has performed many times, both in Greek events and in broader community events in Melbourne, Australia. In keeping with the original goals of the preservation of traditional Byzantine chant, a course in Byzantine chanting is now offered by the choir to any interested persons, regardless of gender, age or ethnicity. Through both of these means—both public performance and the ability for training - the choir seek to preserve and pass on the tradition of Byzantine music in Melbourne, and through there, in Australia for generations. ==External links==*[ Photos of a Concert] done at St Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church, 5 May 2007 {{GOAUSinstitutions}} [[Category:Church Music]] [[Category:Orthodoxy in Australia]]

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