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The '''[[Horologion]]''' (Greek: '''῾Ωρολόγιον'''; Church Slavonic: '''Часocлoвъ''', ''Chasoslov'', ), or '''Book of Hours''', provides the [[Acolouthia]] of the Daily Cycle of services (Greek: ''akolouthies'', ἀκολουθίες) as used by the Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches. Into this fixed framework, numerous moveable parts of the services are inserted. The Horologion is primarily a book for the use of the Reader and Cantor (as distinguished from the [[Euchologion]], which contains the texts used by the [[Priest]] and [[Deacon]]). Several varieties of Horologia exist, the most complete of which is the '''Great Horologion''' (Greek: '''῾Ωρολόγιον τò μέγα''', ''Horologion to mega''; Slavonic: '''Великий Часословъ''', ''Velikij Chasoslov''). It contains the fixed portions of the [[Daily Cycle]] of Services, ([[Vespers]], [[Compline]] (Great and Small), [[Midnight Office]], [[Matins]], the [[Hours]], the [[Inter-Hours]], [[Typika]], Prayers before Meals). The parts for the Reader and Chanters are given in full, the Priest's and Deacon's parts are abbreviated. The Great Horologion will also contain a list of [[Saints]] commemorated throughout the year (with their [[Troparion|Troparia]] and [[Kontakion|Kontakia]]), selected propers for [[Sunday]]s, and moveable [[Feast]]s (from the [[Triodion]] and [[Pentecostarion]]), and various [[Canon (hymn)|Canons]] and other devotional services. The Great Horologion is most commonly used in Greek-speaking churches. Various editions of the Horologion are usually shorter; still giving the fixed portions of the Daily Office in full, but with the other texts much more abbreviated (all of which are found in full in the other [[liturgical books]]). In addition, such texts often also contain Morning and Evening Prayers, the Order of Preparation for [[Eucharist]], and Prayers to be said after receiving Holy Communion. == Source ==*[[Wikipedia:Horologion]] ==External links==*[ Horologion] For use at Reader's services (i.e., when a priest is not serving)*[ Horologion Texts in Word Format]*[ Practical Tips on how to build a Liturgical Library]*[ Photo of monks reading the Divine Office] Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem [[Category:Liturgics]][[Category:Texts]]LOL INTERNET

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