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[[image:altarboy.jpg|thumb|right|A young man in sticharion performing the duties of an altar server]]In some Christian churches, an '''acolyte''' is one who aspires to [[presbyter|priesthood]]. More generally, the term can refer to anyone who performs liturgical duties such as lighting [[altar]] candles, preparing charcoal for incense, and assisting the major orders with the liturgy. == The acolyte in the Byzantine tradition ==The [[Orthodox Church]] no longer possesses an exact equivalent for this office. The order of acolyte has fallen into disuse with other minor orders, such as doorkeepers and exorcists. At one time there was a rank of minor clergy called the taper-bearer, responsible for bearing lights during processions and liturgical entrances. However, this rank has long ago been subsumed by that of the [[reader]] and the service for the [[ordination]] of a reader mentions both functions. The functions of an acolyte or taper-bearer are therefore carried out by readers, [[subdeacon|subdeacons]], or by unordained men or boys. Subdeacons wear their normal vestments consisting of the [[sticharion]] and crossed [[orarion]]; readers and unordained servers generally wear the sticharion alone. == External links ==*[[w:Acolyte|Wikipedia: Acolyte]]{{Clergy/wide}} [[Category:Clergy]] [[ro:Acolit]]LOL INTERNET

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