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Talk:Menas of Egypt

49 bytes added, 23:57, July 5, 2005
suggested another article title. what do you think?
There are many things I'm confused about in this article:
*''Mina'' used throughout the article, but ''Menas'' as the article title. Is this saint ''of Alexandria'' (with a feast day of December 10)? Does this article need to be moved to a better title? ''Menas the Wonder-worker''? What do you think?
*The first paragraph seems especially disjointed when one reaches the second paragraph. Perhaps headings for the sections would help. (Life, Martyrdom, Posthumous miracles?) I'm not sure about heading for the third.
*"He returned to the city over which he was Governor ..." followed by "... the Governor ordered him to be tortured" in the same paragraph (which begins, "One day he saw the heavens open ...").
Any thoughts, or should I just go ahead and make an initial revision? —[[User:Magda|magda]] 19:11, 5 Jul 2005 (EDT)
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