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Church of Greece structure

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:<small>'''See Main Article:'''</small> '''[[Church of Greece]]''' The [[Church of Greece]] is headed by the [[Archdiocese of Athens]] and 66 Metropolis. '''[[Archdiocese of Athens]]'''{| width="100%" align="center" cellpadding="2" border=0| align="left" valign="top"|*[[Metropolis of Aitolia and Akarnania]]*[[Metropolis of Alexandroupolis, Traianoupolis and Samothrace]]*[[Metropolis of Argolida]]*[[Metropolis of Arta]]*[[Metropolis of Attica]]*[[Metropolis of Glyfada]]*[[Metropolis of Gortyna and Megalopolis]]*[[Metropolis of Goumenissa, Axioupolis and Polykastron]]*[[Metropolis of Grevena]]*[[Metropolis of Gytheion and Oetylos]]*[[Metropolis of Hydra, Spetses and Aegina]]*[[Metropolis of Ierissos, Agion Oros and Ardamerion]]*[[Metropolis of Ioannina]]*[[Metropolis of Kaisariani, Vyrona and Imittos]]*[[Metropolis of Kalavryta and Aigialia]]*[[Metropolis of Karpenision]]*[[Metropolis of Karystia and Skyros]]*[[Metropolis of Kassandreia]]*[[Metropolis of Kastoria]]*[[Metropolis of Kefalonia]]*[[Metropolis of Kitros, Katerini and Platamona]]*[[Metropolis of Korinthos]]| align="left" valign="top"|*[[Metropolis of Kythira]]*[[Metropolis of Lagkada]]*[[Metropolis of Larisa and Tyrnavos]]*[[Metropolis of Lefkas and Ithaca]]*[[Metropolis of Lemnos]]*[[Metropolis of Mantinia and Kynouria]]*[[Metropolis of Maroneia and Komotini]]*[[Metropolis of Megara and Salamis]]*[[Metropolis of Mesogea and Lavreotiki]]*[[Metropolis of Messinia]]*[[Metropolis of Mithimna]]*[[Metropolis of Monemvasia and Sparta]]*[[Metropolis of Mytilene]]*[[Metropolis of Nafpaktos]]*[[Metropolis of Neapolis and Stavroupolis]]*[[Metropolis of Nea Ionia and Philadelphia]]*[[Metropolis of Nea Krini and Kalamaria]]*[[Metropolis of Nea Smyrni]]*[[Metropolis of Nicaea]]*[[Metropolis of Nikopolis and Preveza]]*[[Metropolis of Paramythia]]*[[Metropolis of Paronaxia]]| align="left" valign="top"|*[[Metropolis of Patra]]*[[Metropolis of Peiraeus]]*[[Metropolis of Peristeri]]*[[Metropolis of Polyani and Kilkis]]*[[Metropolis of Samos and Ikaria]]*[[Metropolis of Servia and Kozani]]*[[Metropolis of Serres and Nigrita]]*[[Metropolis of Sidirokastron]]*[[Metropolis of Sisanio and Siatista]]*[[Metropolis of Stages and Meteora]]*[[Metropolis of Syros, Tinos, Andros, Kea, and Melos]]*[[Metropolis of Thessaliotis and Fanariofersala]]*[[Metropolis of Thessaloniki]]*[[Metropolis of Theva and Levadeia]]*[[Metropolis of Thera, Amorgos and Islands]]*[[Metropolis of Trifylia and Olympia]]*[[Metropolis of Trikala and Stages]]*[[Metropolis of Veria and Naousa]]*[[Metropolis of Xanthi]]*[[Metropolis of Zakynthos and Strofades]]*[[Metropolis of Zihni and Nevrokopio]]|}[[Category:Greek Dioceses|*]]LOL INTERNET

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