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Constantine XI Palaiologos

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'''Constantine XI Palaeiologos''', or '''Palaeologos''' (Gr: ''Κωνσταντίνος ΙΑ' Δραγάσης Παλαιολόγος''), was the last reigning Byzantine Emperor of the [[Palaiologos Dynasty]], born 1404 AD in [[Mystras]], and ruled from 1449 until his death in [[May 29]], 1453. He is also referred to as '''Dragases'''. <gallery>Image:CPalaeologos.JPG|Statue of Constantine XI Palaeiologos, Mystra, GreeceImage:CPalaeologos2.JPG|Close up of Statue</gallery> == Brief History ==Constantine was the son of Emperor Manuel II. He was trained as a soldier and in 1441 conquered the Morea Peninsula of Greece. It had long been under the Frankish principality of '''Achaia''' <ref> '''Achaia''': A state established by the Crusaders. </ref> Constantine was crowned Emperor [[january 6]], 1449 AD succeeding his brother and a little less than five years in 1453 AD was killed during the final assaults by the Turkish Sultan, Mehmed II, advances on Constantinople. == See also ==* UNESCO World Heritage site of '''[[Mystras]]'''* St. '''[[Ipomoni]]''', ''Born as'' '''Helen Dragases''' ''before becoming a nun and assuming the name Ipomoni. She was the mother of Constantine XI Palaiologos''. She lived a monastic life for over 25 years, after entering into the habit after the death of her husband. She died 1450AD and is commemorated by the church [[May 29]]. The relics of her skull and her icon are found at the Monastery of St. Patapios, Loutraki of Korinthos, Greece. == Notes ==<references/>[[Category:Rulers]]LOL INTERNET

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