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Orthodoxy in Switzerland

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This article seeks to be a clearinghouse of information and links regarding the history and state of [[Orthodox Christianity]] in Switzerland. ==History== ==Jurisdictions=====With Local Bishop=== * [[Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Switzerland]] (under the [[Church of Constantinople|Ecumenical Patriarchate]]) ===Without Local Bishop=== * [[Russian Orthodox Diocese of Chersonese]] (Korsoun) (See in Paris, France / [[Church of Russia]])* [[Romanian Orthodox Metropolitanate of Western and Southern Europe]] (See in Paris / [[Church of Romania]])* [[Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Central Europa]] (See in Himmelstühr monastery, Germany / [[Church of Serbia]]) ===With an irregular status=== * [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia]] ==People=====Current Hierarchs=== * His Eminence [[Jeremias (Calligiorgis) of Switzerland|Jeremias (Calligiorgis)]] Metropolitan of Switzerland  ===Other major figures=== == Organizations and Institutions == === Theological Institute === * Institute of Postgraduate Studies in Orthodox Theology in Chambésy, Geneva === Monastery === * [[Holy Trinity Monastery (Dompierre, Switzerland)|Holy Trinity Monastery]] in Dompierre, Vaud === Pan-Jurisdictional === == See also == == External links == * [ General Information]* [ Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Switzerland Website]* [ Orthodox Center of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Chambésy, Geneva]* [ Institute of Postgraduate Studies in Orthodox Theology, Chambésy, Geneva] [[Category:Church History]][[Category:Jurisdictions]][[Category:Orthodoxy in Switzerland|*]]LOL INTERNET

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