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#'''It is better to delete an article than to wait for it to improve.''' Experience has taught me that it is extremely rare that what is essentially a [[Help:Stub|stub]] will ever expand beyond that status, once a few days have passed from its first appearance. Don't believe me? Check out [[:Category:Stubs]].
#'''It is better not to start an article at all''' than to contribute a massive number of articles hoping that you or someone else will eventually fill them out. Don't believe me? Check out [[:Category:Stubs]].
#'''Presentation matters''' from the moment you first click '''"Save page"'''. There's a reason that '''''Your changes will be visible immediately''''' is printed right below the editing box. If you want a scratch pad, use the [[OrthodoxWiki:Sandbox|Sandbox]] or [[User:{{USERNAME}}|your personal userspace]].
#'''People with an agenda usually ruin the wiki''' or at least attempt to do so. A few actually become normal, useful editors who contribute good articles. Most either end up storming off in a huff or getting banned for refusing to play nice.
#'''Most people think what they're used to is "normal" and "standard."''' This typically results in parochialisms getting writ large into articles. This can be cured with a little research and may even result in personal growth in humility!
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