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An '''Analogion''' (Greek: Άναλόγιον) is a lectern or slanted stand on which [[icons]], the [[Gospel Book]] or are placed for veneration by the faithful in the Orthodox Church. It may also be used to read from [[liturgical book]]s during the [[divine service]]s.

The analogion is normally slanted slightly, to make it easer for the one standing in front of it to see the icon or book laid on it. The analogion may have four legs or only one in the center. It is often overed with rich cloth (antipendia) which either partially or completely covers the analogion on all sides. Some analogia are made made so they fold for easy portability, some are intricately carved of fine wood, and some are simple framework intended to be completely covered with cloth. They are normally light enough to be moved without too much difficulty.

There is also a type of analogion which is used in the [[kliros]] by the chanters. This often has two or three sides and turns to allow the singers to more easily use the numerous liturgical books during the services.

There is an older Greek design for this type of analogion that is octagonal with a flat top instead of slanted. This style is still found in use on [[Mount Athos]] and at other ancient monasteries throughout the world. Sometimes this type of analogion is intricately inlaid with [[mother of pearl]] or other semi-precious materials.

A similar piece of furniture is called the ''tetrapod'' which is a table which can be set in the center of the church, usually covered with a cloth, and upon which objects are placed to be blessed.

[[Veneration]] of icons, with a candlestand either beside or behind it. The candlestand may hold one candle and be used to shine light on the icon, or it may have places for the faithful to offer candles when they venerate the icon.

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