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Liturgical colours

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'''Liturgical colors''' are those specific colors which are used for [[vestment]]s, [[Altar]] covers, and [[Analogion]] covers within the context of services of the Church. The symbolism of colors may serve to underline moods appropriate to a season of the [[liturgical year]] or may highlight a special occasion.
There is a distinction between the colour of the vestments worn by the clergy and their [[Exorasson|Riassa]]s, which with a few exceptions does not change with the liturgical seasons.
==Byzantine Practice==
The [[Typikon ]] itself does not specify a complex color scheme for vestments, but only for light or dark vestments. Many clergy who follow Byzantine practice have adopted the more complex color scheme that was developed in Slavic practice, but you will also see a lot of diverse colors used in vestments that do not easily fit into the that scheme.
==Slavic Liturgical Colors==

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