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Abraam of Fayoum

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Biography: the the
His deep eagerness for contemplating God caused him to ask the bishop to leave for the monastery again after he spent four years helping the bishop. Then the bishop ordained him as a [[priest]] and allowed him to return to the monastery in 1863. At that time there was a problem regarding Father Abdel-Malek, who was in charge of the monastery, but Father Paul did not interfere with these problems. So the monks chose him (Paul) to be in charge of the monastery. He opened the doors of the monastery for poor people, also young men heard about him and came, asking him to teach them, and after a short time they had forty new monks.
(The late Anba Marcos, Bishop of Luxor, was ordained as a monk in 1870 at El-Meharrak Monastery and grew up under the the leadership of Fr. Paul. Pope [[Cyril V (John) of Alexandria|Kyrillos V]] chose him in 1876 to teach the new monks at El-Baramous Monastery (see below). He met his spiritual father again after five years, and remained with him until 1879, when he was ordained as a Bishop for Luxor. Up till now the people still remember much about his pure life, his holiness, deep love for praying, his modesty, and his special care about everyone, and about renewing the old churches and constructing new ones.)
As usual the devil was furious when he saw the monastery opened for the poor, and young people changed with love for Jesus Christ and continuous prayers, so he made some of the monks think that Fr. Paul was wasting the money of the monastery and they rebelled against him. In 1870, Fr. Paul was asked to leave the monastery after five years in charge of it. He went with four of his students to Cairo to meet Anba Marcos, [[Metropolitan]] of El-Behira, who was at that time the acting [[Pope]]. They were directed to go to the Monastery of Anba Bishoy at the Natroun-Valley in the western desert of Egypt, where they remained for a short period. Afterwards they went to the next-door El-Baramous Monastery in 1871. At that time the president of this monastery was Fr. John, who later became Pope Kyrillos V. He was so glad to receive them, and offered them a place to stay.
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