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Orthodox Metropolis of Korea

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bishop=[[Sotirios Ambrose (TrambasAristotle Zographos) of Korea|Metr. SotiriosAmbrose]]|
hq=Seoul, South Korea|
website=[ Metropolis of Korea]
The '''Orthodox Metropolis of Korea''', headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, is an [[eparchy]] of the [[Church of Constantinople]]. Its current [[primate]] is His Eminence [[Sotirios Ambrose (TrambasAristotle Zographos) of Korea|Sotirios Ambrose (TrambasAristotle Zographos)]], [[Metropolitan]] of Korea (both North and South).
<!--== History ==
== The Episcopacy ==
*Metropolitan [[Sotirios Ambrose (TrambasAristotle Zographos) of Korea|Sotirios Ambrose (TrambasAristotle Zographos)]] of Korea, 2004-present.*Bishop Metropolitan [[Ambrosios Sotirios (ZographosTrambas) of ZelonPisidia|Ambrosios Sotirios (ZographosTrambas)]] of Zelon is Assistant Bishop Pisidia, who was the first Metropolitan of Korea for 2004-2008, stay in the Monastery of the MetropolisHoly Transfiguration (Gapyeong, Korea) at present.
**Protopresbyter Daniel Na is priest of the church in Incheon, and was involved in the talks with the North Korean parish.
**Hieromonk Theophan (Kim), a Korean priestmonk, is priest for the St Maxim the Greek chapel (which does services in foreign languages).

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