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The '''[[ROCOR Episcopal Assembly of North and OCA|The ROCOR and the OCACentral America]]''' have a complicated history of cooperation, rivalry, and sometimes outright hostility. These two [[jurisdiction]]sfounded in 2010, consists of all the '''[[Russian active Orthodox Church Outside Russia]]''' (ROCOR) bishops of North and the '''[[Orthodox Church in Central America]]''' (OCA), both have their origins in the [[Church of Russia]] (a.k.arepresenting multiple jurisdictions. It is the ''Moscow Patriarchate'' or ''MP'')successor to SCOBA, and their histories as clearly distinct it is not, properly speaking, a synod. The Episcopal Assembly of North and identifiable entities both stem from Central America is one of several such bodies around the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia world which operate in the early 20th centuryso-called "diaspora."
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