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East Syrian Rite

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Qurbana, "the Offering"; udasha, "the Hallowing"
There are three Anaphorae; that of Apostles (Sts. Adaeus and Maris), that of Nestorius, and that of Theodore (of Mopsuestia) the Interpreter. The first is the normal form, and from it the Malabar revision was derived. The second is used by the Chaldeans and Nestorians on the [[Epiphany (Christian)|Epiphany]] and the feasts of [[John the Forerunner|St. John the Baptist]] and of the [[Greek Doctor]]s, both of which occur in Epiphany-tide on the Wednesday of the Fast of the Ninevites, and on Maundy Thursday. The third is used by the same (except when the second is ordered) from [[Advent Sunday]] to [[Palm Sunday]]. The same pro-anaphoral part serves for all three.
Three other Anaphorae are mentioned by Ebedyeshu (metropolitan of Nisibis, 1298) in his catalogue, those of Barsuma, Narses, and [[Diodore of Tarsus]]; but they are not known now, unless Dr. Wright is correct in calling the fragment in Brit. Mus. Add. 14669, "Diodore of Tarsus".

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