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Book of Enoch

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Most commonly, the phrase "Book of Enoch" refers to 1 Enoch, which is wholly extant only in the Ethiopic language. There are two other books named "Enoch": [[2 Enoch]] (surviving only in [[Church Slavonic|Old Slavonic]], c. first century AD; English translation by R. H. Charles (1896); and [[3 Enoch]] (surviving in Hebrew, c. fifth - sixth century). The numbering of these texts has been applied by scholars to distinguish the texts from one another. The remainder of this article deals with 1 Enoch only.
Whilst this book does not form part of the canon of [[Holy Scripture]] for the larger Christian Churches, various groups, including the [[Church of Ethiopia|Ethiopian Orthodox Church]], regard parts or all of 1 Enoch to be inspired Scripture. The currently known texts of this work are usually dated to [[Maccabean]] times (ca. [[160s BC]]).

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