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Monastery of St. John the Theologian (Patmos, Greece)

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Monastery Structure
** This 17th century '''Main entrance''' gateway has slits for pouring oil over [[w:marauders|marauders]]. It leads into the cobbled main courtyard.
*'''The Main courtyard'''
*The '''Katholikon'''
*The '''Chapel of the Panagia'''
*The '''Chapel of Christodoulos'''
*'''The monks refrectory'''
*'''The Treasury'''
** The '''Treasury''' of the monastery houses over 200 icons, 300 pieces of silverware and a dazzling collection of jewels. This impressive array of religious art and treasure mainly consists of icons of the Cretan school. Among the more respected exhibits there is an unusual mosaic icon of St. Nicholas and the 11th-century parchment granting the island to Blessed Christodoulos.
** The library contains 15,000 books, over 1,000 manuscripts, including fragments of the famous Codex Purpureus. Nearly 1500 years old, the Codex Purpureus is one of the oldest illustrated manuscripts in the world. Its outer appearance exhibits sheer royalty, and the purple colored parchment made the manuscript famous. Only 386 pages out of the original 800, remain. The current version includes a complete Gospel of St. Matthew and a nearly complete Gospel of St. Mark. Of great interest is the portrait of St. Mark.
*The '''kitchen'''
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