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Metropolis of Symi

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The Local Presence of the Archangel Michael
== The Local Presence of the Archangel Michael ==
:: <small> ''See main article'' </small> '''''[[Archangel Michael of Panormitis]]'''''
Residents of this island and metropolis call the Taxiarhis Michael of Panormitis '''a thief''' [tongue in cheek]. According to tradition, if you ask a favour of the Archangel you must vow to give something in return. If the dedicatory offering is not made the Archangel Michael will find a way to take it for himself. As a result, the interior of the ''Monastery of Taxiarchi Michail Panormiti'' is decorated by a dazzling array of votive offerings (tamata) from many pilgrims locally and world-wide, including small model ships made of silver and/or gold.

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