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# The Sunday Hypakoe is also read at the Sunday [[Midnight Office]], after the Canon to the [[Trinity]].<ref>''The Festal Menaion'' (Tr. Mother Mary and [[Archimandrite]] [[Kallistos Ware]], Faber and Faber, London, 1984), p. 561f.</ref>
It is also a short hymn sung at [[Orthros]] immediately following the [[litany|Little Litany]] after the [[Polyeleon]]. Its name means "Obedience," and it is distinguished by making reference to the obedience of the [[Sunday of Myrrh-bearing Women|myrrh-bearing women]]. It was first created by Emperor [[Emperor Leo VI the Wise|Leo the Wise]] who reigned in 886 and died in 912. <ref> Source: ''Divine Prayers and Services of the Catholic Orthodox Church of Christ''. arr. the late Reverend Seraphim Nassar. [[AOCA|Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America]]. 3rd ed. 1979. </ref>
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