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Church of Constantinople

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Structure of the patriarchate
== Structure of the patriarchate Patriarchate ==*The [[Archdiocese of Constantinople]]**[[District of Stavrodromion]]**[[District of Tatavla]]**[[District of the Bosphorous]]**[[District of Hypsomatheia]]**[[District of the Phanar and the Keratius gulf]]*Sacred Metropolitanates within Turkey**[[Metropolis of Chalcedon]]**[[Metropolis of Derkoi]]**Metropolis of Gokceada and Bozcaada (Imbros and Tenedos)**[[Metropolis of the Prince Islands]]*The Semi-autonomous [[Orthodox Archdiocese of Crete|Archdiocese of Crete]]**Metropolis of Gortyna and Arkadia**Metropolis of Rethymna and Avlopotamos**Metropolis of Kydonia and Apokoronos**Metropolis of Lampi, Syvritos and Sfakia**Metropolis of Ierapytna and Siteia**Metropolis of Petra and Herronisos**Metropolis of Kisamos and Selinos**Metropolis of Arkalohorion, Kastelio and Vianno*Five Metropolitanates of the Dodecanese Islands**Metropolis of Rhodes**Metropolis of Kos and Nisiros**Metropolis of Karpathos and Kasos**Metropolis of Leros, Kalymnos and Astypalaia**Metropolis of Symi*[[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America|Archdiocese of America]]**Direct Archdiocesan District of New York**Metropolis of Chicago**Metropolis of New Jersey**Metropolis of Atlanta**Metropolis of Denver**Metropolis of Pittsburgh**Metropolis of Boston**Metropolis of Detroit**Metropolis of San Francisco*[[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia|Archdiocese of Australia]]*[[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain|Archdiocese of Great Britain]]*[[American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese]]*[[Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the USA]]*[[Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada]]*[[Orthodox Metropolis of Korea|Metropolis of Korea]]*[[Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada)|Metropolis of Canada]]*Metropolis of Buenos Aires*Metropolis of Mexico*Metropolis of New Zealand*[[Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia|Metropolitanate of Hong Kong]]*[[Greek Orthodox Metropolis of France|Metropolis of France]]*Metropolis of Germany*Metropolis of Austria*Metropolis of Belgium*Metropolis of Scandinavia*[[Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Switzerland|Metropolis of Switzerland]]*Metropolis of Italy*Metropolis of Spain*[[Metropolis of Singapore]]*[[Albanian Orthodox Diocese of America]]*[[Russian Orthodox Exarchate in Western Europe]] There are 36 Metropolitanates of the "New Lands" of Northern Greece and some of the Aegean Islands which also fall under the spiritual and canonical jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate; however, their administration has been entrusted to the [[Church of Greece]] on behalf of the Ecumenical Patriarchate since 1928. '''Patriarchal and Stavropegial Monasteries outside of Turkey:'''*The Monastery of St. John the Evangelist and See article on the [[Patriarchal Exarchate Church of Patmos]], Greece*[[Mount Athos]], comprising of 20 large monasteries and their dependencies.*The [[Monastery of St. Anastasia the Pharmokolitria, Chalkidiki]], Greece.*The Monastery of Vlatadoes, Thessaloniki, Greece*The Monastery of the Entry of the Virgin Mary in Alabama, USA*The Monastery of St. Irene the Chrysovalantou, New York, USA  There are also two [[autonomy|autonomous]] churches whose primates are confirmed by Constantinople, but which are not hierarchically or administratively part of the patriarchate, the [[Church of FinlandStructure]], and the [[Church of Estonia]].''
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