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Anastasia the Deliverer from Potions

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[[Image:Anastasia of Sirmium.jpg|right|thumb|Great Martyr Anastasia the Deliverer from Potions.]]The '''Great Martyr Anastasia the Deliver "Deliverer from Potions"''', also ''' ''Anastasia the Healer'' ''' or ''' ''Anastasia of PotionsSirmium'' ''' <ref group="note">"Hagiographical research suggests that there have been at least four saints named Anastasia, two of them martyrs in Rome in the 250s, one martyred in Sirmium of Pannonia (modern Serbia) in the late third or early fourth century, and one a patrician woman from the time of Justinian. The careers and multilayered conflations of the three (or perhaps two) martyrs named Anastasia have been studied in detail (by [[w:Hippolyte Delehaye|Hippolyte Delahaye]], Paul Devos and François Halkin); the history is convoluted...; the three martyrs as commonly distinguished are:<br>#[[October 12]]: Anastasia "the Roman," virgin martyr under Diocletian and Valerian.#October 28/[[October 29|29]] (also 12 October, 25 December): [[Anastasia the Roman|Anastasia "the Virgin"]], martyr under Diocletian.#[[December 22]]: Anastasia ''pharmakolytria''Healer"Poison-Curer," widow and martyr in Sirmium/Sirmio, and her companions."<br>::(Jane Baun. ''[ Tales from Another Byzantium: Celestial Journey and Local Community in the Medieval Greek Apocrypha].'' Cambridge University Press, 2007. p.117.)</ref> was martyred in Sirmium (today Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia), and is known also as by the Greek term ''"the '' ''' ''Pharmakolitria'' a Greek term used '''", since she has long been venerated by the church as a healer and [[Exorcism|exorcist]]. She is commemorated by the church [[December 22]].
== History==
As a martyr you emulated the deeds of the martyrs,To whom you ministered,And, striving valiantly, you overcame the enemy.You are an abundant and overflowing source of graceFor all who come to you, O godly-minded Anastasia!
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