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Lazar of Serbia

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Lazar fought against the Turkish powers on several occasions in order to protect his people. Finally, he fought the Turkish Emperor Amurat and lost on the Field of Blackbirds [Kosovo Polje] on [[June 15]], 1389. Afterwards he was beheaded.
Lazar, having been visited by an [[angel]] of God on the night before the battle, was offered a choice between an earthly or a Heavenly kingdom. This choice would result in a victory or defeat, respectively, at the coming Battle of Kosovo. Lazar, naturally, opted for the Heavenly kingdom, which will last "forever and ever" ("Perishable is earthly kingdom, but forever and ever is Kingdom of Heaven!" - Serbian: "Земаљско је за малена царство, а Небеско увијек и довијека!"). As a result, he perished on the battlefield. "We die with Christ, to live forever," he told his soldiers. Soon after death Lazar was canonized[[glorification|glorified]].
His [[relics|body]] was translated and interred in Ravanica, in his memorial [[church]] near Ćuprija, and later was translated to Sisatovac in Srem. From there, during World War II, his body was translated to Belgrade and placed in the Cathedral Church of the Holy [[Archangel Michael]]. In 1989, on the occasion of the six-hundredth anniversary of his [[martyr]]dom, St. Lazar's relics were again translated to the [[Monastery]] of Ravanica in [[Ćuprija]] (Central Serbia - Uža Srbija). It rests there today incorrupt and extends comfort and healing to all those who turn to him with [[prayer]].  ==External links==*[ Right-believing Prince Lazarus the Great Martyr of Serbia] ([[OCA]])*[ The Holy Martyr Lazar (Lazarus), Serbian Prince] (''[[Prologue of Ohrid]]'')
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