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Panagia Paramythea

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[[image:Panagia_Paramythea.jpg|thumb|right|Icon of Panagia Paramythia, Monastery of Vatopaidi, Mount Athos (Greece). The same icon, [ without the silver covering.]]]
'''Panagia Paramythia''', the ''Vatopedi Mother of Consolation'', or ''Comfort'' is an 8th century miraculous [[icon]] of the '''Virgin Mary''' from the holy and great Monastery of [[Vatopedi Monastery (Athos)|Vatopedi]], [[Mount Athos]], Greece. The icon is commemorated [[January 21]].
The Vatopedi monastery acquired its name in the following manner. Near the monastery, the son of Emperor Theodosius the Great fell off a ship and into the sea. By miraculous intercession of the Mother of GodTheotokos and Virgin Mary, he was carried safely to shore unharmed and found sleeping in a bush, not far from the Vatopedi monastery. This is the event that defined the name of Thus the monastery is called Vatopedi ('''Vato''' + '''paidi''', derived from "Batos paidion", the '''bush of the child''').
The tradition tells us that on the icon, the original expression on the faces of the figures and the position of the bodies of Christ and the Blessed Virgin changed when the following strange miracle occurred, [[January 21]], 807:
:Pirates had secretly landed on the shore of the [[monastery]] and were hiding, waiting for the gates to open in the morning in order to launch an attack on the monastery of Vatopedi. The [[Abbot]], who had remained behind after the end of Matins in order to continue his prayer, heard these words from the icon of the Blessed Virgin:
* [[Church]] of the Theotokos Paramythia, «Palace of the Wallachians, Vlach Saray» (Constantinople). This was the location of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of [[Constantinople]] from 1587 to 1597.
* [[Chapel]] of Panagia Paramythia, the Monastic Brotherhood of [ St Theodore the Studite House] 449 Portland Way South, Galion OH (USA) - wwwBrotherhood discontinued on [[October 31]], 2012.sttheodore[]
==Monasteries dedicated to Paramythia==
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*[ Our Mother of Consolation] (non-Orthodox Source)
*[ Panagia Paramythea Without the Silver Covering]
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