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The '''Apostolos''' is the [[Liturgical books|liturgical book]] containing the various Apostolic Readings as are appointed by the [[lectionary]].
An ''apostolos'' or ''epistle'' is a writing directed or sent to a person or group of persons, usually a letter and a very formal, often didactic and elegant one. The letters from [[Apostles]] to Christians in the [[New Testament]] are often referred to as epistles.
The liturgical book itself, often has the readings arranged in three parts:
# according to the Orthodox liturgical year, the [[Pentecostarion|Pascha season]], the weeks after [[Pentecost]], and the season of [[Lenten Triodion|pre-Lenten, Great Lent, and Holy Week]].
# [[Fixed feast|fixed feast ]] days,
# and special Services such as Weddings or Baptism .
==External links==
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*[ Practical Tips on How To Build a Liturgical Library]
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