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John (Zizioulas) of Pergamon

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* In [ a letter], Archbishop [ Chrysostomos of Etna] states that Fr [[John Meyendorff]] and Metr. John (Zizioulas) were Westernized theologians, in contrast with Fr [[Georges Florovsky]] (a teacher of Metr. John's).
* Denial of the representation of the Orthodoxy by John Zizioulas can be found in the article published by the editorial staff of the magazine [ Italia Ortodossa], a magazine of Orthodox faithful in Italy: [ Is the Theologian Ioannis Zizioulas proclaiming Orthodoxy?]
* Peter J. Leithart's article, [ ''Divine Energies and Orthodox Soteriology''], indicates differences between [[Vladimir Lossky]] and Metropolitan John in understanding the [[divine energies]]. While this is not a point of criticism for Leithart, certain Orthodox, who see the work of [[Vladimir Lossky|Prof. Lossky]] as the normative, contemporary synthesis of patristic theology, read the difference as criticism. That is, they believe that to differ from [[Vladimir Lossky|Lossky]], is to differ from patristic theology.{{fact}}
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