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First Ecumenical Council

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==Commemoration ==
The '''Holy Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council''' are commemorated on [[May 29]] and also on the [[Pentecostarion|seventh Sunday after Pascha]]. They are also commemorated on the 9th Sunday after [[Pentecost]], the [[Sunday of the Fathers of the First Six Councils]].
[[Troparion]] (Tone 8)
:You are most glorious, O Christ our God!
:You have established the Holy Fathers as lights on the earth!
:Through them you have guided us to the true faith!
:O greatly Compassionate One, glory to You!
[[Kontakion]] (Tone 8)
:The Apostles' preaching and the Fathers' doctrines have established one faith for the Church.
:Adorned with the robe of truth, woven from heavenly theology,
:It defines and glorifies the great mystery of Orthodoxy!
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