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Church of Greece

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Modern Writers
The Church of Greece is organised as a state church, similar to the pattern adopted in the Russian church under [[w:Peter the Great|Peter the Great]] of Russia. The ultimate authority is vested in the [[Synod of Bishops]] under the presidency of the archbishop of Athens and all Greece. A second synod, with the same presidency, consists of 12 bishops, each serving for one year only. The first synnod deals with general ecclesiastical questions, whereas the second synod deals with administrative details. The church is divided into 81 small dioceses; some of these, are nominally under the jurisdiction of Constantinople. The majority of the church's priests in Greece do not have a university education, with very little formal training beyond two years at higher seminaries after high school. An up-to-date listing, in order of seniority of ordination, of the [ Holy Synod] can be accessed at the Church of Greece's official website.
== [[Modern Writers]] =='''Clerical:'''
*[[Hierotheos (Vlachos) of Nafpaktos]]
*[[Christos Yannaras]]
*[[Apostolos Makrakis]]

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