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Feast day

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*[[Classification of Feasts]]
*[[Church Calendar]]
== External Links ==
===Daily Saints and Feasts===
*[ The Lives of the Saints] ([[OCA]])
*[ Orthodox Calendar] and [ Search for Saints and Feasts] ([[GOARCH]])
*[ Synaxarion] ([[AOCA]])
*[ Saint of the Day] ([[AOCA]] - Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church, Washington, DC)
*[ Complete List of Saints] ([[ROCOR]] - Protection of the Mother of God Church, Rochester, New York)
*[ Typikon 2005 (.pdf)] ([[Holy Synod in Resistance]] - [[Swedish Exarchate of the True (Old Calendar) Orthodox Church of Greece]])
*[ The Prologue from Ochrid] (Serbian Orthodox Church - Diocese of Western America)
*[ Lives of the Saints] (Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia)
*[ God is Wonderful in His Saints] - John Brady
*[ Index of Saints] ([[Roman Catholic Church|Roman Catholic]] - Church of Saint Patrick, Washington, DC)

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