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Shio the Anchorite

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Our venerable father Shio Mgvime was born in Syrian Antioch. His parents were Christians and raised their son as their only heir. The youth received a fine education; he studied the [[Bible|Holy Scripture]], and by a young age he was accomplished in expounding the Word of God. After hearing about a holy ascetic named John, Shio secretly left his parents' home and went to the saint. However, John made the youth return to his parents, foretelling that they would become [[monk|monastics]]. This prediction was soon fulfilled. Shio later distributed his inheritance and also received the monastic tonsure from St. John.
Twenty years later, Shio set off to Georgia to preach the Word of God with twelve other chosen disciples of St. John. With the blessing both of his teacher and of the Georgian [[Catholicos|Katholikos]] Eulabius, St. Shio settled in a cave west of the city of Mtskhet, where he made austere ascetic efforts and was vouchsafed miraculous visions. The solitary life of the ascetic became known, and soon the place of the saint's struggles was transformed into a [[monastery]], where he established a church dedicated to the [[Trinity|Most Holy Trinity]].<ref>The Lives of the Georgian Saints - St. Herman Press; 1st edition (2006) ISBN-10: 1887904107 (ISBN-13: 978-1887904100)</ref>
Later on, other churches were built in honor of the [[Theotokos|Mother of God]] and St. [[John the Forerunner]]. All the churches were consecrated by the Katholikos Macarius. The number of brethren increased, and the monk gave his blessing for them to found the Mgvim monastery, while he continued his deeds of salvation in seclusion.
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