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Apostle Sosipater

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[[Image:Jasonsosipater.jpg|frame|thumb|200px|Ss. [[Apostle Jason|Jason]] and Sosipater]]
The holy, glorious, all-laudable '''Apostle Sosipater''' is numbered among the [[Apostles#The_Seventy|Seventy Apostles]]. St. Sosipater's [[feast day]]s are on [[April 28]] (Slavic tradition), or [[April 29|29]] (Greek tradition) with St. [[Apostle Jason|Jason]]; [[November 10]] with Ss. [[Apostle Erastus|Erastus]], [[Apostle Olympas|Olympas]], [[Apostle Herodian|Herodian]], [[Apostle Quartus|Quartus]] and on [[April 28Apostle Tertius|Tertius]] or ; and [[April 29|29January 4]]with the Seventy.

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