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Church of Cyprus

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Christianity was originally brought to Cyprus by the [[Apostles]] [[Apostle Barnabas|Barnabas]] and [[Apostle Mark|Mark]] in the first century, c. 46AD and was under the jurisdiction of the [[Church of Jerusalem|Patriarchate of Jerusalem]] until 325. Apostle Barnabas is considered to be the first [[bishop]] of Cyprus. Its autocephaly was established at the [[Council of Ephesus]] in 431, overriding the claims of the [[Church of Antioch|Patriarch of Antioch]].
In 478, the grave of St. Barnabas was found, with a copy of the [[Gospel of Matthew]] on his [[relics]]. The autocephaly of the Church of Cyprus was confirmed later that year by the Roman Emperor Zeno who granted its Archbishop "three privileges," that is: to sign his name in ''cinnabar'', to wear purple instead of black under his [[vestments]], and to use an imperial scepter instead of the episcopal [[crosier]].

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