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This is an Encyclopedia, Not...
OrthodoxWiki is thus a presentation of people, places, things and events that have made their place in Orthodox Christian history. It is not a vehicle for people hoping to make history, but for third-party writers to summarize information about subjects that are genuinely notable. Your local parish, your parish priest, and your pet theories on Scriptural interpretation are all most likely not of much historical note (yet).
===A Liturgical Service Book===
Detailing all the rubrics specific to a particular service or part of a service is a fine pursuit... for a service book. OrthodoxWiki is not a service book. Only a general description of rubrics is ever necessary, particularly because OrthodoxWiki's reach is intended to be universal. Chances are that the rubrics in your service book only represent one strand of the vast tapestry of liturgical traditions (note the plural!) which make up Orthodox Christian liturgical practice.
==My Rules of Thumb==
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