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Christ the Bridegroom

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Palm Sunday evening
=== Palm Sunday evening ===
During the first service, '''Palm Sunday''' evening, the priest carries the [[icon]] of ''Christ the Bridegroom'' into the church. We sing the ''Hymn of the Bridegroom'' during this procession, and the icon is brought to the front of the church and remains there until Holy Thursday. In the icon, we behold our Christ as the Bridegroom of the Church, bearing the marks of His suffering, yet preparing the way for a marriage Feast for us in His Kingdom. He is dressed in the icon according to the mockery of the Roman guards just prior to his crucifixion.
:*The crowns - The crown of thorns are a symbol of His marriage to the church.:*The rope - the rope symbolise our sins. When we do not repent or confess our sins, we tie Christ's hands from being able to help us in our salvation.:*The reid - a symbol of His humility; God rules his kingdom with humility. :The '''Kontakion''', eighth tone.''Jacob lamented the loss of Joseph, but that noble one was seated in a chariot and honored as a king; for by not being enslaved then to the pleasures of the Egyptian woman, he was glorified by Him that beholdeth the hearts of men and bestoweth an incorruptible crown.'' '''The Hymn of the Bridegroom'''
:''Behold, the Bridegroom cometh in the middle of the night, and blessed is that servant whom He shall find watching; and again unworthy is he ...''

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