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Panagia Portaitissa

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Nevertheless, after its reception and installation in the [[church]], the icon repeatedly disappeared and was found above the gate of the Monastery on the inside. In a dream, the Blessed Virgin told St Gabriel that this was the place which she herself had chosen, so that she could protect the monks and not be protected by them. Thus the icon took the name of '''''“Portaitissa”''''', and until this very day its presence in the Monastery and on the [[Mount Athos|Holy Mountain]] is regarded as a guarantee of the protection of Athonite [[monasticism]] by the Theotokos. Later, a chapel was built near the wall of the Monastery in which the icon was placed, while the old entrance was closed and another, grander, one built. The [[miracles]] performed by the '''Portaitissa''' are without number, especially on [[August 15]] and on Monday of Diakainisimi Week, when there is a procession and the finding of the icon is commemorated with a [[liturgy]] in the chapel on the shore, at the exact spot where St Gabriel took it out of the sea.
==Her '''Kandila''' "Oil Lamp" (in front of the icon)==
==Her '''Gold Lemon Tree'''==
==Hymnography of St Nikodemos the Agiorite==
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==Monasteries around the world==
* [[Iviron Monastery (Athos)|Iviron]], (Mount Athos, Greece) - the location for the original icon.
==External Sources==

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