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Coptic Calendar

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==The date of Easter==
According to Christian tradition, Jesus died at the ninth hour (that is, the canonical hour of nona or 'noon' in Middle English - 3:00 pm) of the first full day of Pesach, when that day fell on a Friday; and arose from the dead at or by the first (canonical) hour of that Sunday. The day of Pesach ([[Pascha]] or Passover, Nisan 14), is always at the first or second full moon following the vernal equinox. At the [[First Ecumenical Council]], held in 325 at [[Nicaea]], it was decided to celebrate Easter on the Sunday following the so-called Paschal full moon. The Paschal full moon is an arithmetical approximation to the first full moon after the vernal equinox. It may be expressed as follows in terms of the so-called Golden number (G) and Century term (C):
*Paschal full moon (PFM) = ([[April 19|19 April]], or 50 March) - (C+11G) mod 30

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